Innovative packaging provided by Hung Hing attracted large clientele worldwide, looking for a reliable partner with modern technologies that can help them turn ideas into products. Since 1950. Hung Hing differentiated from its competitors because of its unique approach to the printing industry, which included the utilization of eco-friendly products, such as vegetable ink.

Hung Hing promotes sustainable printing and offers innovative packaging solutions known for top quality while contributing to the preservation of the environment. Vegetable ink that Hung Hing uses primarily reduces the risks of negative impacts on the planet but also provides exceptional quality.

As one of the leaders of the printing industry in Asia, Hung Hing’s team is aware of its power and insists on using it to make positive changes. For that reason, vegetable ink, reusable materials and a range of eco-friendly practices do not only contribute to the preservation of the planet in long term but also influence other businesses to adopt similar practices to their regular operations. Apart from vegetable ink, Hung Hing also uses soy-based ink, employs renewable solar energy in all its factories, and recycles waste materials regularly.

By collaborating with book publishers worldwide, Hung Hing’s influence increased across the globe and so did the possibility of this company to make an even bigger, global change. The main factor that enables Hung Hing to consistently grow is the quality of its products, as well as authentic innovative packaging. Considering that the company has been loyal to its values and practices, it is expected that Hung Hing will continue to expand its network across the world and allow more and more clients to receive top-class printing products regardless of their location.