You may hear about people saying “Content is the King for social media” before. No matter you agree with, the saying reflects that the quality of the content is in high importance to your campaign success. Actually, except content, layout and design is another factor you need to take care about if you want to outperform your competitors. Though content is the key, the layout and design of your social media platform can make more out of it. With only content and no much design, less chance to attract your target audience to visit your social media platforms. Thus, the ultimate goal, get visit and lead cannot be attained. Now you may notice the significance and usage of design and layout.  

No matter the content or the design, their preference is quite personal and will change time by time. To cater this, you may consider hiring a social media marketing agency or a China marketing agency for China social media. A good social media marketing agency will know your industry well and tailor make the content which best suit your target audience. The social media marketing agency will also prepare multiple layout and design for your content in order to cater your need. On the other side, if you focus on China social media platforms, a China marketing agency can help you analysis the data and trend of the platforms and formulate the most suitable strategies for your campaign. A social media marketing agency or a China marketing agency are more professional and it is believed that they will generate a better result than just you do it by yourself.