English Studies and Digital Communication are taken to the next level in Hong Kong thanks to the Faculty of Digital Humanities. The possibility of student progress and success is higher than ever. With the ultimate goal to cultivate a new generation of students with superior digital literacy, EdUHK has introduced innovative programs with outstanding courses that build a strong foundation in the English language, digital literacy and linguistics. The theoretical part of the studies is engaging and captivating, which motivates students additionally to keep improving. Such a positive approach and creative courses enhance students’ productivity and help them use their potential fully.

Apart from the high-quality theoretical courses, Digital Humanities provides hands-on experience that additionally improves students’ techniques in digital tools for language applications. After productive studies, students learn how to develop digital content, publish digital media, critically evaluate and support digital communication solutions, and a range of other skills that they can apply in a range of industries. English studies combined with digital communication empower students to involve in the transformation of major sectors, such as education, publishing, and media.

The main aims of Digital Humanities are to teach students a high proficiency level in the English language, develop digital content, use advanced tools for digital communication, develop problem-solving and critical skills, as well as contribute to major technological improvements in extremely important fields, such as education, publishing, and media. By building a solid foundation and developing supreme skills in digital communication, students are ready to start successful careers that will continue building up all the techniques they initially learned at Digital Humanities.