Humanities School HK became a sensation since its foundation over 10 years ago because of its innovative approach to education and a focus on maximizing the potential of its students in the areas of their preferences. The comparative cultures of care that EdUHK is based on emphasize communication, connection, and empowerment of its students, which led to their outstanding results. Four students of Humanities School HK ranked among the top 2% of the world’s scientists by Stanford University, which is an additional confirmation of the quality of education that students receive at EdUHK.

With 20+ Undergraduate/Postgraduate/Professional Development programs, 8 research centres, over 240 staff, and 4 main departments designed for different groups of students, this Faculty gained international popularity and became well-known globally. Over 1500 local and international students are currently gaining experience and knowledge at Humanities School HK that will help their professional and personal development and give them a solid foundation for career building.

Chinese Language Studies at EdUHK is one of four Departments that students can apply to learn theoretical and practical lessons in Chinese language education and Chinese linguistics. The second Department is English Education, equally popular among locals and international students at Humanities School HK. Following, students can choose Linguistics and Modern Language Studies that educate them on a range of innovative practices that are extremely useful in the tech era and its constant development the fourth Department for future students to consider is the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies for talents aiming to develop in cultural, literary and historical areas.