Lab grown diamond is getting more and more popular in Hong Kong thanks to Lab Star Jewellery Company Limited. This brand integrates diamond production, loose diamond wholesale, and retail. The founders of the company made sure to cover every area that would ensure lab diamonds are properly produced and promoted in the region.

For decades, diamond enthusiasts worked on developing advanced technologies that enable lab grown diamond industrial use. After over 50 years, innovative technologies that altered the “recipe” in the lab finally came to light. Lab Star is now happy to produce diamonds in different colors that can be used in jewellery-making.

With hard work and innovative ideas, Lab Star managed to build an amazing reputation in Hong Kong. The brand collaborates with jewellery stores across the region and the idea of the lab grown diamond expansion is more alive every day as jewellery enthusiasts are showing great interest in these precious, eco-friendly jewels. Now, Lab Star is aiming to grow its global influence as well.

The founders of the brand established great connections with reputable companies around the world. The goal is to make diamonds easily accessible to all jewellery admirers. Buying a lab grown diamond is not as difficult and expensive as buying an earth-mined diamond. The price advantage is one of many benefits of lab diamonds and, impressively, the difference between these two types of diamonds is barely noticeable. Soon, every person that wishes to own a beautiful diamond jewellery piece will be able to afford it!