WSET Level 3 is one of the most popular wine courses at CorVino. This wine school provides all three levels of the famous course that turns wine admirers into wine professionals. It is an advanced level that prepares attendees for the wine industry. WSET is mostly attended by people that intend to pursue careers in the wine field but there are also individuals that simply seek knowledge and new skills.

CorVino’s educators have a unique approach that facilitates learning and makes it engaging and interesting. The WSET Level 3 continues to improve the essential skills of the attendees but it also teaches them advanced lessons required for entrance to the wine industry. Thus, students will learn about the style, quality, and prices of wines; they will learn about fortified and sparkling wines and they will also learn more about the wine-making procedures, among other lessons.

The WSET Level 3 will enable attendees to recommend wines to people based on their preferences and it will also help them select wines for themselves! After completing the course, each attendee receives an elite certification that serves greatly as a reference for future jobs. The prestige of CorVino is well-known across Hong Kong. Hence, presenting certifications obtained at this school will be a valuable asset for job applications.

CorVino’s students finish their education with more knowledge, exceptional skills, and valuable certifications. They can explore and describe wines, analyze and recommend them. The school is ideal for wine enthusiasts willing to transform their passion into a profession.